Rose Petals

Rugosa Roses have highly scented petals. They bloom daily from June until September and can be used to make rose water, a luxurious and expensive facial treatment for tightening skin. Fragrant baths and hair rinses can also be made by infusing Rose petals.

Roses, according to teachings from ancient India, will balance the heart, both physically and emotionally.  They are a common remedy for irritability and stress, known for an ability to cool and calm.

Rose hips


Rugosa Roses also provide some of the biggest, brightest Hips of any Rose.

Rose Hips, and to a lesser degree, Rose petals, have a high concentration of Vitamin C and provide protection against colds and flu by boosting immunity.  Tea can easily be made from Rose Hips and makes a tasty way to get extra vitamins as well as lots of minerals contained in them.