Since we harvest Linden from other places we depend on harvesting notes and Nature to tell us when the flowers are ready.  Not always do the notes work because of Nebraska crazy weather, but Nature rarely fails us.  When we see the first lightening bugs, the Linden blossoms are ready to harvest.

Last night there were lightening bugs dancing around our Summer Solstice bonfire and today, when I was in the small town near us, I went “looking” for Lindens by sense of smell.  I drove up and down all six streets and found a lovely, low-branched, full-bloom Linden tree.  After inquiring at information central about who lived there, I went to the house, introduced myself to Ardene and asked if I could harvest from the her tree.  I also asked if it had been sprayed which, to my delight, it had not.

I pulled by car up under the branches and covered the top of the car (a Subaru Outback with a long top.)  I just sat there and pluck the flowers from the branches.  The time passed so quickly with my head swimming in honey-sweet scent, I stayed for two hours.  Ardene said I could come back and I promised to bring her bath bags with Linden and Elderflower used in a footbath to treat colds and flu.

Here’s the “haul” of Linden from today:

Linden harvest June 24th, 2013

Linden harvest June 24th, 2013