It’s been too long since my last post – my apologies for the delay.  It’s been a happenin’ place here the past couple weeks.  We’ve had a couple tours and a couple classes and done a presentation at the Herb Festival in Lincoln at Pioneers Park Nature Center.

The gardens missed me!  Rain and sunshine have done their duty – everything is growing like weeds, including the weeds.  My fingers have their summer grime worked into the skin so much it won’t wash out, not even with scrubbing.  I guess instead of a piece of paper, it’s my hands show the proof that my gardens are organic.

June is the busiest month for harvesting.   Not only are there herbs to harvest for their leaves before they bloom, the herbs harvested for their flowers are blooming.  Our drying room is full to capacity every day.  We no sooner get dried herbs stored and labeled before their place is taken with fresh herbs to be dried.  We put the smaller bunches in baskets and use the screened shelves for larger ones.