Not too long ago a woman asked me “what herbs would be good for digestion?”  My first response to this question was to ask if the problem was with upset stomach or acid reflux because one of the most common remedies for digestion is peppermint.  However, peppermint is not good for acid reflux because it is a smooth muscle relaxer which means it also relaxes the sphincter muscle that keeps acid from coming back up the esophagus.

The woman went on to tell me she had been having stomach problems, including acid reflux, for many years and even had part of her stomach surgically removed!  At that point I realized her health issues were quite complicated and beyond the scope of a country herbalist.  My suggestions were to use ginger to aid digestion along with yogurt to help create friendly digestive bacteria.

Being a country herbalist means I use herbs for minor illnesses and injuries.   I don’t diagnose illnesses.  My expertise is in prevention of illnesses and using herbs for balanced health.  My experience includes using herbs for relaxing, minor skin problems, women’s reproductive systems and minor illnesses.

Being a country herbalist also means I grow and harvest my herbal remedies.  I get to know the plants from seed to maturity and every stage in between.  Yes, I talk to the plants.  I work the soil where they grow or protect areas of wild plants.  I see them daily and know when they are at their peak of potency.   I feel connected to the plants.

I did not go to herb school.  I have a collection of about 100 books and read continuously about herbs and their uses.  I’ve been learning about herbs, from books, the internet, other herbalists and from the plants themselves, for more that 20 years and still learn from them every day finding new uses and even new-to-me herbs every once in a while.

All that I’ve learned, I want to share.   That’s what Red Road Herbs is all about.   Me, sharing information about plants and how they benefit people.  Me,  sharing the wisdom I’ve gained by growing and using herbs.  Me, wanting people to know about how herbs can bring health and harmony to their lives.

Well, I shouldn’t say it’s “me” because my daughter is also part of Red Road Herbs – she was my first student.  She has been using herbs all her life and also wants to share the wisdom of herbal health.  We have a third generation country herbalist who helps out here with the gardens, her daughter, Caydence.

3rd Generation Herbalist 001

Cayde making herbal mud pies!