We bought two Gingko trees from Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District this spring. One was left out in the last frost and looked dead.  However, there are signs of life at the leaf nodes so we are still hoping it will survive and giving it plenty of love 🙂

The other one was kept safely inside (thanks to Jazi) and has been waiting patiently to be planted.  Tree planting is an important decision and not to be taken lightly, so it took a few days to decide where this one would do best.

After reading up on Gingko habitat, we planted this one near a rather wet area in hopes that if there is another drought this year it will have a fighting chance.  They are known to do well in either dry or wet areas.  One important tip we learned was to make sure the roots don’t have any air pockets by watering thoroughly when the hole is half-filled with soil, then watering again after filling level to the ground.

Newly planted Gingko tree   not yet watered.

Newly planted Gingko tree not yet watered the final time.

We covered it, temporarily, with a wire “cage” to protect it from bunnies and other critters.  This one will be outgrown quickly!

Critter protection for the new Gingko tree

Critter protection for the new Gingko tree