We discovered a Robin  had made her nest inside a ladder we keep stored on the side of the garage…unfortunately a ladder we needed to use.  We decided to try to save the nest and four eggs within it.  There was a second ladder we didn’t need that would have to do as their new home.

Both ladders with the Robin's nest on the long one in the back.

Both ladders with the Robin’s nest on the long one in the back.

We carefully “unhitched” the nest from the first ladder and put it down on the ground.  The mother Robin nosily chattered from a nearby tree while we got the ladder we needed and put the second one back on the storage hooks.

Nest awaiting its new location.

Nest awaiting its new location.

She had made the nest in a groove which made a place to kind of wedge it into the same groove on the second ladder.  It seemed secure – we left it to see if she would find it suitable.


That was yesterday.  Michael reported today that he saw her on the nest so we’re hoping the rescue was successful and we’ll be able to show you the babies when they hatch!


Though this is not, technically, an herb-type post, it’s this kind of natural setting in which our herbs grow.  We realize the birds play an intricate part of the ecosystem here.  They help pollinate the plants, distribute their seed, keep the mosquitoes and other insect “pests” at bay, as well as entertain us.  We like to encourage them choose this place to make their home.