Chamomile is called the “physician plant” because of an innate ability to keep plants growing nearby healthy.  It’s easy to start Chamomile from seed, but we have lots of self-seeded plants that are popping up and need to be moved.

The past few days have been cloudy and a little rainy so it’s a perfect time to move plants around.  The first step of the process is preparing the new bed, which was done prior to the snow and ice we had in late April.  The second step is to dig up the plants and transport them to the new location:

Digging up self-seeded Chamomile plants to be transplanted

Digging up self-seeded Chamomile plants to be transplanted

My transportation method was to make a “basket” out of my sweatshirt to tote them the 100′ distance to the new bed:


Sweatshirt "basket"

Sweatshirt “basket”

Since the new bed had been prepared earlier, putting the plants in the ground was a matter of digging a hole by hand, placing the clump in the hole, covering and firming the soil around it.  As with all transplanting, the next step is watering them to settle the soil around the roots.

Transplants "tucked in" with a good watering

Transplants “tucked in” with a good watering

The weather cooperated perfectly with a gentle rain overnight and a cloudy, drizzly day.  The newly transplanted Chamomile plants have already perked up and seem to enjoy their new home.  The doctor is in…

New Chamomile Bed

New Chamomile Bed