Today was warm enough to work in the gardens again, but there’s more snow predicted for Wednesday!  Is this really the middle of April?

I think I’ll follow the Farmer’s Almanac and just do some cleaning for the next couple days – no planting.  There’s plenty of cleaning to do – we had quite a bit of storm damage.  The ice and heavy snow brought down limbs and debris in many areas.

Our Weeping Willows lost several branches.  As I was picking them up today, I decided to start a few in the creek as well as save a few of the branches to make a really good rooting “tea” for plants.

Willows are very easy to root. Sticking a branch in the mud of a shallow creek will produce a nice little tree in a couple years.  Both of ours were started that way!  My mom brought the first branch from her tree when we moved here 20 years ago.  Then my daughter and I started the one in our front yard, behind the Red Road Herbs sign, from the first one.  We had to pull it out of the creek with a four-wheeler because it was already about three years old and had some big roots when we moved it!

The branches can also be used to make a rooting hormone “tea” for transplants.  Simply soak them in a bucket of water for a couple days, then use the water when setting out plants.

Weeping Willows are one of my favorite trees – graceful and strong, dancing in the wind, they are the first to show green in the spring!