All last summer and winter these beds were covered with black plastic in preparation for spring.  Raspberries had been there for eight years and several types of grasses were starting to choke out the plants.    We selected young, healthy plants and moved them to their new home, then took out the old ones with as much debris as possible.  We had to do some adjustments to the row size and path size before they were covered and the plastic anchored down with bricks.  The summer heat burned the grasses and seeds.  The dirt under the plastic this spring is like compost, so rich and beautiful.  These beds are the new, roomier home of this year’s Calendula crop.


Freshly uncovered row and one in the background still covered.


All three rows uncovered and tilled – still work to do on the paths.

PS – Last year was not a good year to transplant anything due to the drought.  We’re hope the raspberries will do well this year – so far, so good!